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Commissioned Portrait of a deceased Fire Chief

Pastel on canson paper

The Beatles

Acrylic 16 x 20

Renaissance Portrait

Pastel on canson paper 16 x 20

Alyss, fictional character

pastel on canson paper 16 x 20


non conventional couple

16 x 20 image /pastel on canson

My parents

18 x 24 pastel on canson paper

My husband as a boy

12 x 18 pastel on canson paper

A boy and his dog

16 x 20 pastel o canson paper


Young Mermaid

This was a commissioned painting for a little girl. Our love for the ocean starts early and all little girls love mermaids and imagine being one! This little mermaid is wishing upon sea stars!


Dolphins in the Moonlight

The beach is magical at night, especially when the dolphins are at play. There is no more spiritual place for me to just breathe in the salt air and feel the waves breaking, than to stand at the edge of the reflecting moonlight and watch the ebb and flow of the phosphorescent foam of the surf.These are the elements that inspire me.


Egrets of the Marsh

A beautiful sight in the marshes in South Jersey are the various egrets that migrate there. They appear delicate, but withstand some of the harshest storms. Their crisp white plumage stands out along the peaceful marshlands. During their migrations, they gather in large colonies.


Kitty Night

This is the painting for a dear friend that per her request, I added the ashes of her beloved feline to the paint.She wanted an energetic painting capturing the essence of her feline companion.


In the Sky

The Sea

Ocean Dreams

I am a dreamer. Inspired by the humanitarianism of John Lennon.

I enjoy the ocean and it inspires my creativity. As I write this, I can hear the distant roar as a storm surges up the coast. Alive and fearless, destructive and healing, consuming and yet enriching.

Dancing in the surf, I am energized by the constant sea change in my soul.Dolphins leap in the waves, etching patterns of venues lost on the human mindscape.

The visions guide me to other dimensions. The aqueous flow of an elemental realm beneath the sea. A world of undines, kelpies and mermaids.



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Figures in the Water

After many studios in college, studying the human form; I have enjoyed creating my own worlds that were created by my imagination and vision.

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